Upcoming Book Symposium – DeRoo: Futuriity in Phenomenology

Next week we begin a new book discussion with some fantastic philosophers who are also wonderful gifts to the church.Their work in itself challenges the ecclesia in profound ways, but also draws from the deep wells of philosophical thinkers who themselves, may or may not drink from the water of life that Christ gives, yet still offer the church ways to reflect on its own life and see it anew, especially in our very challenging age.

The focus of the Symposium with be Neal DeRoo’s recent Futurity in Phenomenology: Promise and Method in Husserl, Levinas and Derrida. We have three excellent and thoughtful reviewers lined up to interact with Neal. Each of them engages intentionally, yet uniquely with DeRoo’s works in ways which have consequences for Christian thinking and practice. Our first post interacting with DeRoo’s book comes next Monday. DeRoo will respond later in the week. Watch for the Symposium and be sure to interact with the contributors in the comments.