“There Are No Jobs” – Common Fallacies and Facts About Getting an Academic Job in Religion or Theology

AAR2012The study of religion, though far younger than many of its counterparts in the humanities, is now an established and well-recognized academic field.

The American Academy of Religion(AAR), its flagship professional society, has expanded tenfold in the past half century from a fledgling association of mainline Protestant divinity school professors and college chaplains to a current membership of over 9,000.  The Society for Biblical Literature (SBL), its sister organization, has also grown substantially during the same period.

Furthermore, the inclusion of academic courses focused specifically on religion, or sophisticated topics centered on religion, is no longer the exception but the rule in state university systems, which out of concerns about church-state conflicts long resisted the trend.

In response, the number of PhD-seeking students as well as PhD-granting institutions of higher learning has increased slowly, but steadily during that time period.   The events of September 11, 2001 not only sparked a surge of academic curiosity and curricular concentration concerning Islam, but also shook up the entrenched “secularist” mentality in higher education, leading indirectly to a renewed appreciation... Read More

CFP – Political Theology: The Liberation of the Postsecular?

The Association for Continental Philosophy of Religion has just released this Call for Papers for their next major conference to be hosted next year at Liverpool Hope University. The deadline for abstracts is February 28, 2015. CALL FOR PAPERS Political Theology: The Liberation of the Postsecular? July 10-12 2015, Liverpool Hope University, UK.  A conference organised by The Association for Continental Philosophy of Religion www.hope.ac.uk/acpr  Keynote... Read More

Waxing Hot: A Postmodern Tradition of the New

The iPhone is new again, Apple.com   Ever changing, like a Joyless eye, That finds no object worth its constancy? “To the Moon,” Percy Bysshe Shelley   The turn of the moon has long fascinated our human desire for novelty. In our postmodern moment, we have a focus on the new as if unique to our time. We consider ourselves a progressive culture with insta-access to the latest of everything. We affirm our progress by continually adapting... Read More

There is No Such Thing as “Church”…Just Us In Faithful Relation To Each Other

As some kind of Christian most, if not all, of my life  I have always taken for granted – even if at times “taking” it also meant wanting to “leave” it – something called the church. The very title of this blog, i.e., “the church and postmodern culture”, assumes there is actually something “there” (a true Aristotelian todi ti) when we speak of the church. The crux of all theological venturing... Read More

Videos from “What is Christian Philosophy?” SCP/SCPT Conference

This March, the 2014 Midwest meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers met together with the Society of Continental Philosophy and Theology at Trinity College in Palos Heights, IL. The theme of the joint conference was “What is Christian Philosophy?” and was chosen in honor of the 30th anniversary of the publication of Alvin Plantinga’s “Advice to Christian Philosophers.” The conference was a great success and... Read More