Occupy Wall St. – Žižek’s Act or Badiou’s Event?

I was downtown talking with people at Occupy Chicago last Monday, and I met a man named Les, who I mistook for the leader of the movement.  I’m sure you all know that OWS is leaderless, but I’ve always assumed this is reall just code for Leader-Les, who happened to be a 67 year old man, retired and concerned about the future (or lack of) we are leaving for the future generations. Anyway, this movement has so far put the mainstream media into the role of the hysteric asking,... Read More

Love By Any Means Possible (and The Postmodern Condition of Desire)

“Love is something like a theater of the world but with only two people in the audience,” -Alain Badiou, “What is love, sexuality and desire?,”[i]   In 1909, E.M. Forester wrote the “The Machine Stops.” He described a future world where people live privately in rooms and interact with one another via screens connected to one unifying machine. People only relate to each other remotely, until one mother and son seek each other in person and share in the natural... Read More

“Badiou and Theology”: a not so micro-review

Frederiek Depoortere, Badiou and Theology (Philosophy and Theology). New York: T&T Clark International, 2009. Below is my review of Depoortere's recent book on Badiou.  For a less favorable review see Clayton Crocket's over at NDPR (he sees it as incoherent, but I think this broadly has to do with differing theological outlooks).  I would be very interested in any others interacting with Badiou on a theological level.  I would like to do more work... Read More