Book Symposium: Peter Rollins’s Insurrection

Over the next two weeks, we’re hosting two reviews of Peter Rollins’s newest book, Insurrection. Many of you may be familiar with Pete. His work closely interacts and engages with contemporary Continental Philosophy in order to interrogate various forms of the modern church and its practices. Pete first began his work with the UK emerging church collective known as Ikon. You can read Pete’s bio and follow his work at his website. Later this week, we’ll... Read More

“Badiou and Theology”: a not so micro-review

Frederiek Depoortere, Badiou and Theology (Philosophy and Theology). New York: T&T Clark International, 2009. Below is my review of Depoortere's recent book on Badiou.  For a less favorable review see Clayton Crocket's over at NDPR (he sees it as incoherent, but I think this broadly has to do with differing theological outlooks).  I would be very interested in any others interacting with Badiou on a theological level.  I would like to do more work... Read More