Book Symposium: Futurity in Phenomenology: Severson’s Reflections on DeRoo

In the review below, Eric Severson takes up Neal DeRoo’s Futurity in Phenomenology: Promise and Method in Hussel, Levinas and Derrida in two respects. First, he addresses the book according to its philosophical pedigree–the work after all deals with a line of thinking in 20th century Continental thought and considers it’s consequences. Severson’s review will be helpful for readers of this site for see how DeRoo’s work fits into the the ongoing conversation... Read More

Extended Review and some Possibilities for James K. A. Smith. Imagining the Kingdom: How Worship Works.

Introduction Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. –P.J. O’Rourke As I read and re-read Jamie Smith, P.J. O’Rourke’s quote seems rather apposite to my experience of that reading.  I consider that being found dead with one of Smith’s books open in my hands would be a great way to slip away from this life. The influence of Jamie Smith’s work continues to grow, and rightly so.  Just as we have digested his landmark work... Read More

Evangelicals and Capitalism: Cultural Despisers and Cultural Accommodators

Cultural Despisers William Connolly, in his 2008 work Capitalism and Christianity, American Style, sets out firstly to diagnose how the ‘capitalist project’ has been perverted and warped by its resonant relationship with conservative right-wing Christian religious beliefs.[1] The religious right within Evangelicalism in America in relation to capitalism has given rise to a variety of pathological behaviours. Central to this contention and diagnosis is that, whilst early capitalist... Read More

Response to DeRoo: Whose Church? Which Ecclesiology?

I love it that each of my interlocutors has homed in on quite different themes and issues in The Fall of Interpretation.  And as you’ll have guessed, it’s a special treat to engage Neal, one of my star students about whom I regularly brag, taking way more credit than I deserve.  (We also both share a common teacher, Jim Olthuis, whose fingerprints are all over The Fall of Interpretation.)[1] And I love it that Neal has homed in on just the question I think he should be asking... Read More

“I am the Church, you are the Church, we are the Church together…”

I first read The Fall of Interpretation (FoI) in the Fall of 2002. I had learned shortly before the semester had begun that the Philosophy of Language class I had signed up for was going to be taught by a new prof, some young guy who looked like he belonged in an Old Navy catalogue rather than in the Ivory Tower (when all you’ve got to go by is a headshot on the department homepage, you make these kind of characterizations, fair or otherwise). As it turned out, he was a pretty... Read More

A sociality in search of an ecclesiology?: Jason Clark reviews Tony Jones’s ‘The Earth is Flat’.

A sociality in search of an ecclesiology? In this review I firstly provide a summary of Tony’s book and methodology, and then offer a response and some questions for Tony.  If you are familiar with Tony’s book you might want to jump straight to the response.  I understand Tony is going to engage here with me, and others reviewing his book and I’m grateful for the opportunity to do that with him. Overview of The Church is Flat If the Emerging Church (E/C) has progenitors,... Read More

Upcoming Book Symposium – The Church Is Flat by Tony Jones

Beginning next week, we’ll highlight and review a unique new book by Tony Jones entitled The Church is Flat: The Relational Ecclesiology of the Emerging Church Movement. The book brings together much of Tony’s doctoral research and his experience as a pioneering leader in the Emerging Church Movement. Our reviewers include one of churchandpomo’s regular contributors, Jason Clark, as well as a new voice but regular reader, Andy Campbell. Clark is a leader in conversations... Read More

Theologians and the Church?

I have recently returned from the Theologians and the Church event that the Centre for Theology and Philosophy hosted at New College, Edinburgh (It was worth the trip just to hear Graham Ward’s plenary). The conference hoped ‘to bring together the next generation of theologians to explore the relationship between academic theology and the worshipping community. Postgraduates from all traditions and none are invited to gather and discuss the role theologians play in the life... Read More

CONF: Symposium on Ecclesiology and Ethnography

This may be of interest to churchandpomo readers. Mark your calendars. Symposium on Ecclesiology and Ethnography 21-22th May 2012 Luther Seminary Saint Paul, MN The Symposium marks the publication of Perspectives on Ecclesiology and Ethnography edited by Pete Ward. The book is the first volume in the new series Studies in Ecclesiology and Ethnography published by Eerdmans. The symposium will explore the methodological ‘proposal’ that lies at the heart of the volume for a... Read More