Jones’ Response to Jason Clark

I am appreciative of Jason’s generous and generative review of my book, The Church Is Flat. While Jason and I have fallen out of touch in recent years, we spent much time together in the early days of the emerging church movement (ECM). By reading Jason’s work in Church in the Present Tense, I suspect that he and I have moved in different directions ecclesiologically. Before delving into his review proper, allow me a brief moment of psychoanalysis of each of us. Jason comes... Read More

Upcoming Book Symposium – The Church Is Flat by Tony Jones

Beginning next week, we’ll highlight and review a unique new book by Tony Jones entitled The Church is Flat: The Relational Ecclesiology of the Emerging Church Movement. The book brings together much of Tony’s doctoral research and his experience as a pioneering leader in the Emerging Church Movement. Our reviewers include one of churchandpomo’s regular contributors, Jason Clark, as well as a new voice but regular reader, Andy Campbell. Clark is a leader in conversations... Read More

Book Symposium – Peter Rollins’s Insurrection

This week bring us a new review of Peter Rollins’s Insurrection. Jason Clark offers an extended and thoughtful interaction with Pete’s work characterized by a pastoral heart. You can read about Pete and his work at his website. Clark is one of our contributors here at churchandpomo, and you can read his bio here. Review of Peter Rollins’ Insurrection Having contributed to a book with Pete Rollins,[1] collaborating in person on that work, and having worshipped with... Read More