Jones’ Response to Campbell

I find it more than a little ironic that Andy Campbell’s primary criticism of my book is my proximity to the subject matter. He is disappointed with my lack of objectivity. Yet he begins his review with an admission that he flirted with the emerging church movement a decade ago but withdrew to campus ministry because of his disappointment with the movement. I wonder, does that disqualify him from writing a review of my book on the movement? Yes, I am a participant-observer in... Read More

Forest, Grove, or Tree? Predilection and Proximity in Jones’ The Church is Flat

I come to Dr. Jones’ book with a muddled history in the emerging church movement (ECM). From 2001-2005 I was actively involved as a commenter on Spencer Burke’s TheOOZE website, fascinated by the simultaneous emergence of faith communities who were tired of evangelicalism-as-usual and interested in creating clusters of people who really wanted to live out the faith they confessed in ways that were connected to the deep history of the church, while at the same time exercising... Read More

Jones’ Response to Jason Clark

I am appreciative of Jason’s generous and generative review of my book, The Church Is Flat. While Jason and I have fallen out of touch in recent years, we spent much time together in the early days of the emerging church movement (ECM). By reading Jason’s work in Church in the Present Tense, I suspect that he and I have moved in different directions ecclesiologically. Before delving into his review proper, allow me a brief moment of psychoanalysis of each of us. Jason comes... Read More

Genealogy, Memory, and the Danger in Political Theology

This guest post by David Horstkoetter and the previous post come from the recent panel discussion hosted by the new Political Theologies Seminar at Marquette University.  The seminar is interested in theologies that intersect with contemporary political, social, economic, and cultural life. Participating faculty are  Dr. D. Stephen Long and Emeritus Fr. Thomas Hughson and the coordinator is David Horstkoetter.  Go to the seminar page if you want to download the presentation. ___ Genealogy,... Read More