Response to Bowald: Sins of Omission

I’m profoundly grateful to these scholars for taking time to carefully, critically, and charitably engage the second edition of The Fall of Interpretation—and in the summer, of all things!  This kind of constructive engagement is a real gift to an author, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to continue the conversation by replying to each. As I’ve come to expect, Mark Bowald has taught me things about myself by bringing my younger self into conversation with my older... Read More

The Redemption of Interpretation: An Interlocution on Sin and Hermeneutics

What is “interpretation”?  James K. A. Smith has issued a second edition of his first book on its “fall.”  Clarifying what exactly interpretation is for Smith is a priority for those who might benefit from reading it, and his later work.  We can clearly identify two dimensions to interpretation: first, the ontological conditions for interpretation and, second, the act of interpretation. The primary point of Smith’s petard in TFI relates to the first.  He clearly... Read More

Upcoming at ChurchandPomo

It’s been quiet here for a bit. However, we’ve got quite a few posts lined up for the rest of the summer. Starting Monday, we’ll host in 3 substantive interactions with James K.A. Smith’s The Fall of Interpretation, 2nd ed. We’ve invited three reviewers to interact with Jamie’s latest edition of his very first book and created space for Jamie to jump onto the blog to offer his own responses. We’re excited to have our figurehead participate... Read More