Evangelicals and Capitalism: Cultural Despisers and Cultural Accommodators

Cultural Despisers William Connolly, in his 2008 work Capitalism and Christianity, American Style, sets out firstly to diagnose how the ‘capitalist project’ has been perverted and warped by its resonant relationship with conservative right-wing Christian religious beliefs.[1] The religious right within Evangelicalism in America in relation to capitalism has given rise to a variety of pathological behaviours. Central to this contention and diagnosis is that, whilst early capitalist... Read More

CONF: Symposium on Ecclesiology and Ethnography

This may be of interest to churchandpomo readers. Mark your calendars. Symposium on Ecclesiology and Ethnography 21-22th May 2012 Luther Seminary Saint Paul, MN The Symposium marks the publication of Perspectives on Ecclesiology and Ethnography edited by Pete Ward. The book is the first volume in the new series Studies in Ecclesiology and Ethnography published by Eerdmans. The symposium will explore the methodological ‘proposal’ that lies at the heart of the volume for a... Read More