Conference: The Christian Evasion of Popular Culture

Back when Neal DeRoo was writing up his response to Jamie Smith’s The Fall of Interpretation, 2nd ed., he mentioned he was organizing a conference on popular culture. Some of the speakers, he said, would be familar with readers of churchandpomo. The topic, to say the least, is of great interest to many of us. So we invited him to send us a write-up on the conference when it was just around the corner so we could support his efforts and get the word out. Check out the following... Read More

“Insurrection” Book Symposium – Rollins’s Response to Clark

The symposium on Peter Rollin’s Insurrection has been a really great exchange so far. Katharine Moody engaged with Pete’s work helpfully on the level of philosophy, bringing Pete’s work further into conversation with one of his main influences, Slavoj Zizek. Jason Clark’s review approached Pete’s work from a pastoral perspective, offering some challenging reflections on Pete’s work with respect to situating Pete in relation to historical and... Read More

Book Symposium – Peter Rollins’s Insurrection

This week bring us a new review of Peter Rollins’s Insurrection. Jason Clark offers an extended and thoughtful interaction with Pete’s work characterized by a pastoral heart. You can read about Pete and his work at his website. Clark is one of our contributors here at churchandpomo, and you can read his bio here. Review of Peter Rollins’ Insurrection Having contributed to a book with Pete Rollins,[1] collaborating in person on that work, and having worshipped with... Read More

Book Symposium: Insurrection – Rollins’s Response to Moody

Peter Rollins has offered a response to Katharine Moody’s review of his newest book, Insurrection. If you missed Katharine’s review, you can read it here. Learn more about Pete and his work at his website. I Don’t Need To Doubt, Peter Does That For Me I have long been an admirer of Moody’s work, having heard her present papers at a number of conferences over the years. It is thus a privilege to have her engage with my work here. Moody inhabits the same theoretical... Read More

Book Symposium: Peter Rollins’s Insurrection

Over the next two weeks, we’re hosting two reviews of Peter Rollins’s newest book, Insurrection. Many of you may be familiar with Pete. His work closely interacts and engages with contemporary Continental Philosophy in order to interrogate various forms of the modern church and its practices. Pete first began his work with the UK emerging church collective known as Ikon. You can read Pete’s bio and follow his work at his website. Later this week, we’ll... Read More