What Facebook Makes Us

In an interview toward the end of his life, Michel Foucault pointed out that for all the interest in power that his work had generated, he was really more interested in the subject and what effects various forces of power had in terms of creating certain kinds of subjectivities. Those of us who work within and think about the church ought to be concerned about subjectivity. One obvious reason: liturgical formation is meant to make us certain kinds of subjects, or perhaps more... Read More

Occupy Wall St. – Žižek’s Act or Badiou’s Event?

I was downtown talking with people at Occupy Chicago last Monday, and I met a man named Les, who I mistook for the leader of the movement.  I’m sure you all know that OWS is leaderless, but I’ve always assumed this is reall just code for Leader-Les, who happened to be a 67 year old man, retired and concerned about the future (or lack of) we are leaving for the future generations. Anyway, this movement has so far put the mainstream media into the role of the hysteric asking,... Read More

Book Symposium: Insurrection – Rollins’s Response to Moody

Peter Rollins has offered a response to Katharine Moody’s review of his newest book, Insurrection. If you missed Katharine’s review, you can read it here. Learn more about Pete and his work at his website. I Don’t Need To Doubt, Peter Does That For Me I have long been an admirer of Moody’s work, having heard her present papers at a number of conferences over the years. It is thus a privilege to have her engage with my work here. Moody inhabits the same theoretical... Read More

Book Symposium: Peter Rollins’s Insurrection

Over the next two weeks, we’re hosting two reviews of Peter Rollins’s newest book, Insurrection. Many of you may be familiar with Pete. His work closely interacts and engages with contemporary Continental Philosophy in order to interrogate various forms of the modern church and its practices. Pete first began his work with the UK emerging church collective known as Ikon. You can read Pete’s bio and follow his work at his website. Later this week, we’ll... Read More