Black Mirror (Brooker/Channel 4)

“As we contemplate the world converted into a huge machine and managed by engineers, we gradually grow aware of its lack of meaning, and of its emptiness of human value; the soul is stifled in this glorification of mechanical efficiency.  And then we begin to feel the weakness of such a creed when confronted by the real problems of life; we discover its inability to impose any restraint on the passions of men, or to supply any government which can appeal to the loyalty of... Read More

Jacques Tourneur, B Movie Auteur (Part 4): Curse Of The Demon (“Night Of The Demon” 1957)

“You could learn a lot from children. They believe in things in the dark, although we tell them it’s not so. Maybe we’ve been fooling them.” There’s too much demon for me, and much too soon. I love Tourneur’s grand theme – “I make films on the supernatural, and I make them because I believe in it” – and this, his last journey into the fantastique genre, is saturated with dialogue that goes straight to the heart of his favourite... Read More