Transmission Complete: Christmas Media and the Christian

What did you get for Christmas? Or better put, what did you receive this Christmas? It is easy for Christian consumers to forget that the real meaning of Christmas—the so-called season of giving—is that God is received among humans in Christ, the baby Jesus. This gift trumps even the most generous donor or the most perfect present given by Santa Claus under the tree. What does it mean to receive Christ in the world? There are plenty of clues—from the gospels to tradition,... Read More

Christmas, Community, & Meaning

In the land of the network shows, almost every show has an annual Christmas episode. There is little surprise in most of these. Recurrent themes of family, giving, and peace run rampant through these episodes, and all are assigned to be part of the Christmas spirit. Very little new ground is explored. However on the Christmas episode of the show Community, the minefield of our society’s fascination with Christmas is traipsed upon. The episode, “Abed’s Uncontrollable... Read More

On Mediation

The word “mediation” has a number of connotations relevant to the purpose of this blog. Firstly, mediation pertains to the concept of media, the plural of medium, a substance or channel through which a signal passes. A sound wave travels through the medium of air before reaching the ear; an image of a flower is reproduced via the medium of digital photography. The relationship between the medium (or form) a signal or message passes through and its content is hard to... Read More