O Facebook, You Have Searched Me Out and Known Me

Once again Facebook finds itself in the midst of yet another privacy issue.  Facebook is launching a facial recognition program that will aid users in tagging photos (that is, attaching names to photos).  Once a user is tagged, Facebook’s facial recognition software will suggest his or her name when others have a photo and Facebook thinks she or he is in that photo. As with other Facebook initiatives, they choose to allow users to opt out.  A user is assumed to be in... Read More

Burning Cars and the Creative Impulse

                      After the Vancouver Canucks were defeated by the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals last week, the city of Vancouver turned into a full-fledged riot zone. Cars were flipped over and set on fire, windows were broken, and police with shields and batons descended into the crowd to restore order. The pictures and videos from Vancouver are eerily reminiscent of scenes from the G20 summit in Toronto last... Read More

You are the man!

Despite this phrase’s usual congratulatory significance for outstanding performance, it is also the phrase uttered by the prophet Nathan when he confronted David for his murder of Uriah so he could take his wife.  Shortly thereafter in the  midst of the accusation, Nathan utters “You did it in secret but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel.”  The resonance with Rep. Weiner’s admission of several online infidelities is astounding. Rep.... Read More

Season Finales and the End of Days

Several recent posts on both mediation and The Other Journal have focused on the apocalypse and spectre of eschatological judgment. Indeed, the End of Days seems to be in the air at the moment, especially considering our recent cultural experience of the “delay of the parousia” when to the ridicule of North American news media the world failed to come to an end on May 21 (as claimed by otherwise obscure fundamentalist prophet Harold Camping). Despite the Rapture-less... Read More