The Brave New Digital Publishing World: An Interview with David Wheeler

David Wheeler is the author of Contingency Plans and a fair number of essays around the internet. He’s been selling books for the last few years, currently at the Elliott Bay Book Co in Seattle. He works on the events team to introduce authors and sells books during any number of the 500 readings we put on throughout the year, in addition to his work on the floor in customer service. Mediation writer Thomas Turner chatted with David to discuss his perspective on the current... Read More

Attack of the Clones

The documentary The People vs. George Lucas, with all its jokes about Ewoks and midi-chlorians, is perhaps destined to be enjoyed most by Star Wars superfans. However, it raises  a series of intriguing questions about creativity and control which extend far beyond a certain “galaxy far, far away.” Who “owns” a film or work of art, especially in this digital age? The auteur director? The writers or producers? The corporations that underwrite big-budget... Read More

Are You What You Eat?

The old adage purports, “You are what you eat.”  As a child this statement might not have made sense, but in the world of The Walking Dead, it makes more sense than ever.  While Halloween is past, it might seem odd bringing up a television show/graphic novel series based on the current reigning horror creature, the zombie, but the zombie, particularly as portrayed in The Walking Dead seems to be making just this point about what we eat. The Walking Dead is the brainchild... Read More

Falling in Love with Digital Publishing: An Interview with L.L. Barkat

There are those whom you would describe as enthusiastic, and then there is L.L. Barkat. She has an energy and laugh that is absolutely contagious. And some of her ideas are contagious, too! Mediation staff writer Thomas Turner chatted briefly with L.L. Barkat on the subject of digital publishing and electronic media, something she knows well as a managing editor and point person for an up and coming press. So that the people know, who exactly are you? Who am I? A person who falls... Read More