The (Real) Royal Wedding

                            Contrary to what you might think, this is not a picture of princess-to-be Kate Middleton trying on her wedding dress before her upcoming nuptials on Friday. Despite its verisimilitude, this is the work of Alison Jackson (check out her website), an artist whose work explores the cult of celebrity in a unique way. By staging photos (and videos) such as this one using lookalikes, she... Read More

The Adjustment Bureau Adjusts Free-Will

George Nolfi’s recently released film (March 2011), The Adjustment Bureau, has brought the philosophical-theological question of free-will to the big screen in an engaging way. Based on the short story, Adjustment Team (by Philip K. Dick), The Adjustment Bureau tells the story of David Norris (Matt Damon) and Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt) – two driven individuals who seem destined to be together.  Curiously, however, a mysterious group of well-dressed men in fedoras... Read More

What’s Black and White and “Red” All Over?

One would have had to be living under the proverbial rock to have somehow missed what’s been happening in the Middle East as of late.  But just in case that rock is your home, let’s get caught up to speed: 1) Protests in Egypt finally ousted President Mubarak from his 30 year reign, 2) Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi (and his regime) have met their protesters with rank military violence, 3) Moreover, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, et plus, have all been experiencing their... Read More

Mini-Mediation: Wild Sheen

Actor Charlie Sheen has made headlines this week with his no-longer-exclusive ABC interview on 20/20 in which his extremely odd behavior was sort of funny, mostly pathetic, slightly frightening. Sheen appeared with his two “goddesses” (girlfriends) and spoke about a variety of self-involved topics, such as “winning” and being on a drug called “Charliesheen.” Awesome–literally, “so impressive or overwhelming as to inspire a strong... Read More

Jon Stewart, Media’s Corruption, & Evangelical Responsibility

On September 29th, 2010 Fresh Air host, Terry Gross interviewed The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.i Though September 29th, 2010 seems ages ago (in media time), some of the content from that interview has lasting significance and relevance concerning our perspective on media and (in parallel) on the Church. About halfway through the interview, Gross inquired as to whether or not Stewart felt more politically engaged due to his involvement with... Read More

Transmission Complete: Christmas Media and the Christian

What did you get for Christmas? Or better put, what did you receive this Christmas? It is easy for Christian consumers to forget that the real meaning of Christmas—the so-called season of giving—is that God is received among humans in Christ, the baby Jesus. This gift trumps even the most generous donor or the most perfect present given by Santa Claus under the tree. What does it mean to receive Christ in the world? There are plenty of clues—from the gospels to tradition,... Read More

On Mediation

The word “mediation” has a number of connotations relevant to the purpose of this blog. Firstly, mediation pertains to the concept of media, the plural of medium, a substance or channel through which a signal passes. A sound wave travels through the medium of air before reaching the ear; an image of a flower is reproduced via the medium of digital photography. The relationship between the medium (or form) a signal or message passes through and its content is hard to... Read More