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Issue 22: The Marxism Issue

Our twenty-second issue will consider Marxism and other critical theories. In a world increasingly shaped by the forces of global capital and philosophical postmodernity, this issue will examine the possibilities for thought and action emerging at the nexus of theology and contemporary Marxisms and critical theories in the twenty-first century.

In this issue, we invite essays, articles, artwork, and creative writing that bring the broad discourse of Marxisms into conversation with contemporary theology, politics, economics, and social theory. We’re particularly interested in pieces that are suspicious of contemporary cultural metanarratives like capitalism, technology, or Western expansion. Some questions one might consider include the following: How might Marxists and critical theorists speak to our contemporary theological disciplines? Can Marxism bring justice and flourishing to those places where our politics and economics systematically marginalize the powerless? What can Christians learn from Marxism? How might our political theologies be enhanced by making use of certain Marxist ideas and philosophies, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of a theologically informed Marxism in our lives together?

Articles for this issue are due August 31, 2012. Please visit our Submissions page for more information on our submission guidelines.

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