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Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss: An Interview with Eugene McCarraher, Part Three of Three

In the rapidly changing political and economic conditions of our time, it is important that we consider existential questions of how to live as Christians. As we seek to answer these questions, historian Eugene McCarraher offers an incisive, prophetic voice from that rare vantage point of historical competency and theological literacy. In part one of our interview with McCarraher, he talks about some salient themes emerging in the 2000s, including the credulity of the U.S.... Read More

Clement, Badious, and Prometheus: On Christianity as Mediated Revolution

The transition of power in a major world government poses a good opportunity for Christians to pause and consider what we truly want for the governance of our cities and nations. What are we theologically entitled to hope for as a projection of a common good? What do Christian creeds, habits, and ideals tell us about the sort of political spaces we ought to desire? The coincidence of this political period in the United States with the Incarnation cycle in the Western liturgical... Read More