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How (Not) to Think about Death: A Meditation on Life

In the Genesis account of the Fall, the primary reason that Adam and Eve are driven out of Eden is so that after having eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they may not eat of the tree of life and live forever. This narrative provides a very straightforward account of how death comes into the world: It is a consequence of disobeying God. Underlying the etiological import of the story, though, is an interesting assumption about the nature of death itself.... Read More

From Church to “Rhizone”: Reconfiguring Theological Education for the Postmodern Era

Being Relevant May Be Irrelevant A survey of the literature on contemporary theological education, and what’s wrong with it, has several persistent themes, which on the surface seem somewhat contradictory. One is that seminaries—or “schools of theology”—are becoming largely “irrelevant” to the practice of ministry and ministerial leadership. The other is that seminaries are increasingly asked to do too much and thus suffer from what in the military and to some... Read More