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Global Problems: The Lost Dimension

We are living in puzzling times, times of profound insecurity. As citizens, we find it more and more difficult to make out what is actually going on in the world today and what the future holds. Consider two recent developments. The first is an emerging sense among many thinkers that one era is ending and a new one is about to begin. The new era, however, is scarcely known and not yet visible. It is striking, for example, how many recent books have the word end in their... Read More

Fearless Speech, Courageous Eyes: A Theological Engagement with Freedom of Expression

Is anything more sacred to democracy than freedom of speech?1 And in our late modern world, is anything more sacred than democracy? Indeed, despite all the laments about the erosion of absolutes and a proliferation of perspectives, isn’t freedom the last absolute standing—the one prized universal that launches not only a thousand ships, but ten thousand missiles, a hundred thousand marketing campaigns, and a myriad of global protests? Freedom is that byword that unites... Read More