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Reclaiming Christian Marriage: What the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) Needs to Learn from the Southern Baptists

On June 19, 2014, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted to allow their pastors to perform “same-gender marriages in civil jurisdictions where such marriages are legal.”[1] As expected, this has caused no small hubbub among American Christians. While gay rights advocates and Christians on the left have lauded this progressive decision and praised the denomination for changing its official policy on marriage, conservatives vociferously oppose the change and some have even threatened... Read More

The Problem of Gay Friendship

Rounding the bend in the road from the village of Thirsk in North Yorkshire, your first glimpse of Rievaulx Abbey will take your breath away. One minute you’re on a backcountry lane, charmed by the gentle slopes and the green of the farmlands but unprepared for the sudden sight of gray stone walls and arches. The next minute you’re staring at an eleventh-century Cistercian ruin, enclosed in a wooded dale like an unearthed treasure. Coming from the opposite direction, from... Read More

Sexuality and the American Man: A Review of Robert Clark’s Heaven

Tales of homosexual love are becoming common, and with them, explorations of what being gay was like when it was considered both a mental illness and a crime. The character Sal on AMC’s Mad Men promised to look into this, but apparently the writers tired of him after a couple seasons. The recent romantic dramedy Beginners is based on the true story of the writer’s father, who comes prancing out of the closet in grand fashion at the age of seventy-five after his wife dies.... Read More

Sexuality, Dialogue, and the Church: An Interview with James Alison

James Alison, the Roman Catholic theologian, priest, and author, currently travels the world as an itinerant witness for the reconciliation of faith and sexuality. Indeed, he is most well known for his work fostering dialogue regarding lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-queer (LGBTQ) issues within the larger church community, as well as his application of René Girard’s anthropological theories to the notions of atonement theory and general biblical hermeneutics. In this interview,... Read More

Gathered at the Altar: Homosexuals and Human Rights

In October 2003, Conor Gearty—Professor of Human Rights Law at the London School of Economics—gave the Second Alan Bray Memorial Lecture on ‘Reclaiming Our Tradition: Rights, Diversity and Catholic Social Thought’.[1] In his lecture, Professor Gearty offered a balanced and very generous appraisal of the Catholic Church’s commitment to human rights, and urged people not to judge as hypocritical the Church’s refusal to acknowledge full rights for homosexuals.[2] Along... Read More

Homosexuality and the Bible

Sexual issues are tearing our churches apart today as never before. The issue of homosexuality threatens to fracture whole denominations, as the issue of slavery did a hundred and fifty years ago. We naturally turn to the Bible for guidance, and find ourselves mired in interpretative quicksand. Is the Bible able to speak to our confusion on this issue? The debate over homosexuality is a remarkable opportunity, because it raises in an especially acute way how we interpret the Bible,... Read More

Homosexuality and the Christian Sex Ethic

In October 1996, Christian leaders from across Canada gathered in Toronto for the gala “World Shapers ’96″ conference sponsored by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. While the thousand conferees were putting the final touches on the opening night festivities–singing heartily “Bind Us Together”–members of the Word of Life church in nearby St. Catherines broke the unanimity of the event by scattering pamphlets critical of the EFC. The organization’s flagship... Read More