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Glenn Beck and the Order of Discourse

This essay is neither for nor against Glenn Beck. The philosopher Michel Foucault warns us to be suspicious of proper names because they tempt us to ascribe agency to the person instead of to the overall flow of discourse, knowledge, and power out of which the person emerges as an agent. I seek to provide a starting point for a fuller archaeological description of the Beck phenomenon. We must see Beck for who he really is: one voice in the ongoing battle of American identity... Read More

The Jew from Nazareth and the Problem of Whiteness: J. Kameron Carter’s Theological Account of Race

J. Kameron Carter. Race: A Theological Account. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2008. 504 pages. $28.00 hardcover (Amazon). Click here or on the image to purchase Race from Amazon.com and help support The Other Journal. J. Kameron Carter’s recent book, Race: A Theological Account, is a wrench thrown into the frustratingly predictable modern academic discourse on race. In what will doubtless prove a landmark study on race, Carter engages the fields of theology, sociology,... Read More

Halden Doerge Charting Evangelical Futures in an Age of Empire: A Review of Evangelicals and Empire

Page Content*: Bruce Ellis Benson and Peter Goodwin Heltzel, editors. Evangelicals and Empire: Christian Alternatives to the Political Status Quo. Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos, 2008. 336 pages.$22.79 paperback. Click on the image to purchase Evangelicals and Empire from Amazon.com and help support The Other Journal.  Perhaps the most difficult sort of book to review is the edited volume. Single-author volumes are generally purposeful, focused, and unified. An author, no matter... Read More