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Celebrity and Iconicity: Some Preliminary Sketches

That contemporary America is captivated by the phenomenon of celebrity is hardly a contestable observation. Even those of us who try to limit the impact of celebrity on our life find that its tenacity is hard to overcome. Some try to overcome the impact of celebrity by willing its insignificance. But that some energy is required to will its insignificance should be an indication that, despite our best efforts, as contemporary Americans we are beholden to it. Celebrity has become... Read More

Teaching the Universal Subject: A Manifesto

Educational reform, like death and taxes, seems to be always upon us, a collective fantasy evoking all kinds of incompatible wish-fulfillments. Nearly everyone is sure that we must improve our educational system, yet almost no one agrees as to how, exactly, that improvement is supposed to come about, or, for that matter, what is wrong with the system to begin with. Consider the following contradictory stock-phrases of “educational reform”: We should require more arts,... Read More