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Trauma and the Technology of Participation

The history of humanity is one of boundary, which we wish to conquer, and technology, that by which we conquer. We see this in all forms of technology, from the earliest stone axe to the latest iPhone iteration. In the West, secular and religious cultures still adore technological advance, and while modern technological advance has afforded us many incredible gains in power and efficiency—especially in medicine, communication, and transportation—Christian thought has not yet... Read More

Virtual Insanity: Christian Ethics, Biotechnology, and Posthuman Evolution

he earth has become small, and on it hops the last man, who makes everything small. —Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra Ours is a world of our own making. The emergence of technologies that were once the subjects of science fiction has given us a “freedom” of choice that is unparalleled when compared to any other time in history. In mall-like fashion, we now continually encounter a vast assortment of products and services designed to elicit our desire. But what... Read More

The Christian and the iPhone: A Primer for Black Friday

I have managed thus far to resist my desires to buy an iPhone through the lucky confluence of several factors: (1) I cannot afford one. (2) In light of the economic state of the world in the last four hundred years, my affection grows almost daily for the economic lifestyle of conservative Anabaptists like the Amish and Bruderhof community, who seem to be among the most economically radical and cutting-edge within the church. (3) I have spent a few years reading and thinking... Read More

Reality Bytes–A Review Of The Lambchop Album Damaged

I have a friend who is vehemently against iPods. The reason for his hatred is not because he is a dedicated fan of vinyl or compact discs. He hates iPods because people walk around listening to them, with the volume turned up, ignoring the world around. He sees iPods as a bridge in the gap of the virtual and the real. To my friend, iPods are a symbol of delusion. On the other hand, I like iPods because they allow me to listen to music all the time and, believe it or not, I love... Read More