Jesus Girls


True Tales of Growing Up Female and Evangelical
Edited by Hannah Faith Notess

Evangelicals are supposed to be experts at telling their story. From an early age you are expected to have a “testimony,” a story of how God saved you from a life of sin and sadness and gave you a new life of joy and gladness. What happens if you don’t have such a testimony? What if your story just doesn’t fit the before-and-after mold? What are you supposed to do if your voice is not one usually heard?

In these offbeat, witty, and often bittersweet essays, up-and-coming writers tell the truth about growing up female and evangelical. Whether they stayed in the church or not, evangelicalism has shaped their spiritual lives.

Eschewing evangelical clichés, idyllic depictions of Christian upbringing, and pat formulas of sinner-to-saint transformation, these writers reflect frankly on childhoods filled with flannel board Jesuses, Christian “rap” music, and Bible memorization competitions. Along the way they find insight in the strangest places—the community swimming pool, Casey Kasem’s American Top 40, and an Indian mosque.

Together this collection of essays provides a vivid and diverse portrait of life in the evangelical church, warts and all.

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Contributors Include:
Jessica Belt, Paula Carter, Kirsten Cruzen, Anne Dayton, Kimberly B. George, Carla-Elaine Johnson, Megan Kirschner, Anastasia McAteer, Melanie Springer Mock, Audrey Molina, Victoria Moon, Shauna Niequist, Hannah Faith Notess, Andrea Palpant Dilley, Angie Romines, Andrea Saylor, Nicole Sheets, Shari MacDonald Strong, Stephanie Tombari, Heather Baker Utley, Jessie van Eerden, Sara Zarr