Rachel Pieh Jones

Split Me Open

Rachel Jones has to choose between her children as she examines the realities of raising children in challenging places.


Finding a Diamond: A Bloody Mess

For several years now, a revolution has been gaining momentum in popular culture in the United States: ‘conflict free’ diamonds. I’ve been on the hunt for the ‘right’ diamond for the past few months since deciding to propose to my girlfriend of two and a half years. She was not concerned with the size or […]

Matt Basinger

Small Steps – Sustainable Development One Light Bulb at a Time

Like many African countries, São Tomé e Principe (STP) is struggling to stand on her own after being raped by colonization. “Discovered” by Portuguese navigators in the late 1400’s, STP quickly became Africa’s top sugar exporter in the 1500’s due to the colonized slave labor. Sugar cultivation eventually waned, but fortunately for the Portuguese plantation […]

Faith Wambura Ngunjiri

Spirituality and Leadership in Action: Women Leaders Fighting HIV/AIDS in Kenya

Women the world over have been under-represented in leadership be it in educational administration, business and industry, and political arenas (Bass, 1990; Uraizee, 2000; Weiss, 1999). This phenomenon is often described in terms of a glass ceiling: one that women can see through but cannot go past due to cultural, organizational and other systemic discriminations […]

Eric Williams

Reflections on HIV/AIDS in a Southern African Border Post: HIV/AIDS in Namibia

Departure The coolness of the early morning greeted me as I set off for the northeastern part of Namibia. Cruising at 12,000 feet, the unpressurized cabin filled with the muffled sound of its dual engines. The vast and desolate landscape sped by beneath us as the rising sun ushered in the new day. My destination […]