Daniel J. Salinas

Lessons from My Daughter: Reflections on Life, Death, the Church, and Utilitarian Ethics

On November 23, 1993, my wife and I were suddenly thrown into an unknown country, the one of people with disabilities and their families.1 Our daughter Karis was born with cerebral palsy. All four hemispheres of her body suffered significant movement damage; she could not eat, get dressed, brush her teeth, comb her hair, or […]

Cara Strauss

Huddled against Death

Mourning death is dramatically different around the world, as is the care people need in the face of death.

Andrew Krinks, Lindsey Krinks

A Peculiar Education: Homelessness, Poetry, and the Imagination

In this article, Andrew and Lindsey Krinks suggest that at the intersection between an imaginative exploration of poetry and a creative ministry to the homeless lies a unique potential for the sort of education that is “peculiar” and thus ideal for a life of Christian discipleship, a life that seeks to cultivate reconciliation for the sake of God’s kingdom.

Dan Jacobson

Painted Houses

I painted houses this summer. They belonged to one of my church’s deacons, and were not actually houses, but rotten cabins, with wooden siding that should have been replaced, not painted. They were once part of a camp for boy scouts, and were the only structures remaining. My Dad always told me to do a […]