Heather Smith Stringer, Scott Strazzante

Common Ground: Symmetries of Land and Culture after Economic Change

In this photo exhibit, Scott Strazzante juxtaposes images from a cattle-ranching family and a family living in a subdevelopment several years later on the same land to reveal the differences, complexities, and similarities between farm life and suburbia life.

Daniel B. Gallagher

Love and Hope in Benedict XVI’s Vision for Human Development

Read within the context of his first two encyclicals, DEUS CARITAS EST and SPE SALVI, Pope Benedict XVI’s third encyclical, CARITAS IN VERITATE, presents a unified philosophical and theological vision that grounds authentic human development in the fundamental Christian virtues of hope and love.

Edward R. Brown

A Tale of Two Cities

Dubai and Nairobi represent two ends of the poverty/wealth spectrum, but which one is really wealthy?

Scott Sabin

Beauty on the Border

A reflection on the beauty of creation and redemption in the impoverished, agriculturally scarred towns along the Dominican Repulic and Haitian border.

Matt Basinger

Small Steps – Sustainable Development One Light Bulb at a Time

Like many African countries, São Tomé e Principe (STP) is struggling to stand on her own after being raped by colonization. “Discovered” by Portuguese navigators in the late 1400’s, STP quickly became Africa’s top sugar exporter in the 1500’s due to the colonized slave labor. Sugar cultivation eventually waned, but fortunately for the Portuguese plantation […]