Joanne Nelson

How the Water Holds Us

Joanne Nelson wanders and wonders through tributaries of watery connections.

David Jacobsen

Until an End Is Made

Certain strands of friendship can cross distances, but others—regretfully—are broken.

Wesley Hill

The Problem of Gay Friendship

Wesley Hill on whether it’s possible to reclaim a classic, orthodox Christian theology of friendship in the context of the gay Christian experience.

Amy Laura Hall, Kara N. Slade

This Is the Way the World Ends: A Conversation between Kara N. Slade and Amy Laura Hall on Domination and Solidarity in Young Adult Dystopias

Dystopian novels—stories of the future going badly wrong—have apparently now surpassed the vampire and fantasy genres in the young adult fiction market. The books, and the phenomenon of their popularity, have provoked numerous discussions online, in schools, and in the sort of serious, adult magazines that teenagers don’t read. (We know this, of course, only […]