Jo-Ann Badley

The Songs of Mary and Paul

Jo-Ann Badley writes about how even Mary, pregnant with God by the Holy Spirit, still needs a man to get the recognition she deserves from Protestants.

Chris E. W. Green

How God Becomes Human

Chris E. W. Green offers an advent meditation on what it means for God to come into the world through our labors.

Hollis Phelps

On The (Gritty) Birth of Christ

This essay argues against sentimentalized images of the nativity for a more realistic rendering of the birth of Jesus.

Isaac S. Villegas

Waiting with Mary: A Meditation on Luke 1:26–38, 47–55

Advent is a season of waiting, of being drawn into the spiritual discipline of anticipation. Our spiritual director is Mary, the mother of Jesus, the one in whom we see revealed the patience of God. Mary waits for the Messiah, and in doing so she invites us into a way of life that welcomes the gospel through a posture of waiting.