Edward R. Brown

A Tale of Two Cities

Dubai and Nairobi represent two ends of the poverty/wealth spectrum, but which one is really wealthy?

Aimee Moiso

Put Your Money Where Your Faith Is: under the

Sandwiched somewhere between the Lord’s Prayer and the closing hymn comes the Sunday morning offering—a staple of Presbyterian worship. The organ plays or the choir sings while faithful churchgoers pass plates, baskets or bowls row by row, offering back a portion of God’s gracious gifts. The money received keeps the bulletins printed, the heat on, […]

Sean Jackson

An Interview with Rich Stearns

TOJ: World Vision is certainly a model for people of faith in N. America for aiding those who are most vulnerable. What is World Vision doing in places like Uganda to intervene with children being made to be soldiers? And along those same lines, what challenges has World Vision seen in places like Uganda and […]