Jeanne Murray Walker


Jeanne Murray Walker’s poem regrets how political decisions negatively affect the environment.

Joshua Busman

Vote Local (It Might Be The Only Vote That Counts)…

  In the interest of full disclosure, let me begin by saying that I am a registered independent in North Carolina, and that last week, I cast my presidential ballot for Barack Obama. But despite the fact that I clearly felt it was important to exercise this right, I’m still not sure that my vote “counted” in […]

Matthew Brouwer

Blues President

In this spoken-word poem, Matthew Brouwer riffs on his ideal presidential candidate, a leader who knows the blues.

Sean Jackson

An Interview with Rich Stearns

TOJ: World Vision is certainly a model for people of faith in N. America for aiding those who are most vulnerable. What is World Vision doing in places like Uganda to intervene with children being made to be soldiers? And along those same lines, what challenges has World Vision seen in places like Uganda and […]