Jeffrey Overstreet

Ceylan's Three Monkeys free Sunday on The Auteurs

If you haven’t had a chance yet to see Nuri Bilge Ceylan‘s acclaimed new feature Three Monkeys, don’t work too hard to catch up with it. The movie is coming to you… tomorrow. Three Monkeys will stream on Sunday, April 26, on And if that’s not enough Ceylan for you, you can make it […]

Cara Strauss

Huddled against Death

Mourning death is dramatically different around the world, as is the care people need in the face of death.

Heather Coaster Goertzen

The Brothels Are Burning

This article is a first-hand account of the unrest in Bolivia, with mobs protesting against brothels and women who prostitute.

Heather Coaster


This would be so much easier if I were still there. There is a certain feeling of urgency that I cannot quite recapture; a sense that it matters, and not that it matters in some cosmic sense, but that it matters here and it matters today. How clearly unclear it all was. Any thought about […]