Myles Werntz

Rethinking Visibility: Church, Repentance, and 9/11

Christians are called to be present with our neighbors in times of violence, but such presence requires more than a nod to solidarity or a word of encouragement here or there—being present requires repenting of our past failures of witness and allowing that repentance to shape us.

Jeffrey Overstreet

The Onion drops the jokes: Publishes the hard truth on "Couples Retreat"

I was going to do my best to ignore the latest package of excrement labeled “American comedy”… the “film” called Couples Retreat. But then The Onion made it worth mentioning, by taking this opportunity to speak out more truthfully than any other film-review source on the sorry state of big-screen comedy in America. Vince Vaughn […]

Mark Traylor

Crossing the Road: Jesus on Race

Racial reconciliation and the parable of the Good Samaritan are both centered on rightly defining who owns what.

Scott Sabin

Beauty on the Border

A reflection on the beauty of creation and redemption in the impoverished, agriculturally scarred towns along the Dominican Repulic and Haitian border.