Branson Parler

The Emperor’s New Clothes: A Review of Defending Constantine

The tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” turns on the question of how to see the emperor: is he clothed in garments befitting someone of his noble station, or is he parading in nothing more than his birthday suit, exposed as vain and conceited? Likewise, Peter Leithart’s Defending Constantine turns on the question of how […]

Brian J. Walsh

Screwing with Idols: A Targum (Romans 1:16-32)

In this targum of Romans 1:16-32, Brian J. Walsh offers a creative and contemporary interpretation of a portion of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Christian community in Rome.

Daniel B. Gallagher

Love and Hope in Benedict XVI’s Vision for Human Development

Read within the context of his first two encyclicals, DEUS CARITAS EST and SPE SALVI, Pope Benedict XVI’s third encyclical, CARITAS IN VERITATE, presents a unified philosophical and theological vision that grounds authentic human development in the fundamental Christian virtues of hope and love.

John Bazzi


Per mia figlia chi Roma mi mostrò ‘ It’s a strange courage you give me…’ All space is sacred space and all matter sacred matter though here in this hard city dirty with the grime of empire where what triumphs, Io triumphe, and what horrors have not been seen, space and matter appear more sacred, indeed, eternale. […]