Paul Arnold

The Winters of Our Discontent

Paul Arnold proposes that the warmth of modern homes makes it very difficult to have a holistic and sustainable relationship to the natural world.

George T. Anderson

Trauma and the Technology of Participation

As technological advance sells users on increasing personal power and protection from trauma, Christians must consider the idolatrous potential of buying in.

Chad Lakies

The Paradox of Loneliness in the Midst of Community

(Thanksgiving, 2013) From the confines of Tegel prison in Berlin, Dietrich Bonhoeffer penned these moving words to his family: It’s remarkable how we think at such times about the people that we should not like to live without, and almost or entirely forget about ourselves. It is only then that we feel how closely our […]

Chad Lakies

Upcoming at ChurchandPomo

It’s been quiet here for a bit. However, we’ve got quite a few posts lined up for the rest of the summer. Starting Monday, we’ll host in 3 substantive interactions with James K.A. Smith’s The Fall of Interpretation, 2nd ed. We’ve invited three reviewers to interact with Jamie’s latest edition of his very first book […]

Rachel K. Ward

So you think you can tell?: Perception and the Postmodern Condition

Apple, Sydney, by Pedro Milanez So, so you think you can tell heaven from hell, blue skies from pain? -Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd, 1975 The classic Pink Floyd song addressed former band member Syd Barrett’s breakdown, and writer Roger Walters’ feelings of alienation. The song’s symbolism has also been aligned with perceptions of a […]

Chad Lakies

What Facebook Makes Us

In an interview toward the end of his life, Michel Foucault pointed out that for all the interest in power that his work had generated, he was really more interested in the subject and what effects various forces of power had in terms of creating certain kinds of subjectivities. Those of us who work within […]

Brett David Potter

“Living Into Focus”: Recovering Clarity in the Age of Technology

Technology is an integral part of the human cultural “envelope.” Once we used stone implements to kill mammoths and sabretooth tigers; now we have iPads. Marshall McLuhan famously called the media the “extensions of man”; but in a sense, all technology could be described by this phrase. Our tools, as is manifestly evident in the twenty-first century, have become part of […]