Heather M. Surls

Say Trinity

Heather M. Surls wrestles with untamable glory and mystery.

Andrew Arndt

The Future of God

Andrew Arndt suggests a bridge between Augustine’s eschatological vision in City of God and his thoughts on divine eternity in Confessions.

Brett David Potter, Robert Andrew Norman, Zachary Thomas Settle

Looper and NonViolence

“I don’t wanna talk about time travel ‘cause if we start talking about it then we’re gonna be here all day talkin’ about it and makin’ diagrams with straws.” –Old Joe Rian Johnson’s recent science fiction film Looper is not, first and foremost, a movie about time travel, as articulated clearly by older Joe (Bruce […]

Neal DeRoo

Book Symposium: Futurity in Phenomenology–DeRoo Responds to Severson

The following is Neal DeRoo’s response to Eric Severson’s review of Futurity in Phenomenology: Promise and Method in Husserl, Derrida and Levinas. With this post we close our latest Book Symposium. We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed this enriching conversation. And we thank all the contributors, not only for their written words, but for the embodied […]

Jacob H. Friesenhahn

Evil, the New Atheism, and the God of the Trinity

Von Balthasar’s theology of the Trinity provides a compelling framework in which Christians can engage the problem of evil, including its recent formulations by the New Atheism.