Demon Test (I wish I could make this stuff up)


August 31, 2011

Bob Larson, self-proclaimed prophet and exorcist (who just happens to be the subject of one of my chapters in The Devil Wears Nada), has made it easy for you to discover whether or not you have a demon (as, apparently, it is not self-evident . . . yep, that could be rabies you’re dealing with).

In less than thirty minutes you can know whether or not Lucifer, or one of his many minions, has taken control over your body. All you have to do is take the trademarked Demon Test. Only hang-up is, you have to pay to take it. You would think such a godly man as Bob Larson would be so concerned about your spiritual welfare that you could find out for free. Nope. Not with old Bob. You’ve gotta pay. But hey, as he says, it could be the most important test of your life (take that doctoral advising committee!).

"Dean and Sam have nothing on me."

Pfft. I bet Larson wouldn’t even have to have a committee for his doctorate.