The Other Journal is a twice-yearly print and digital journal that aims to create space for Christian interdisciplinary reflection, exploration, and expression at the intersection of theology and culture. Attempting to remain a step or two more popular than the typical scholarly journal and a step or two more scholarly than the typical popular magazine, our goal is to provide our readers with provocative, challenging and insightful Christian commentary on current social issues, political events, cultural trends, and pop phenomena.

Each issue of The Other Journal is organized around a particular theme, and includes sections dedicated to:

  • Theology :: articles, essays, interviews
  • Creative Writing :: creative nonfiction, personal essays, short stories, and poetry
  • Art :: art exhibits
  • Reviews :: personal essays reflecting on academic books, literature, film, music
  • Social Justice :: activism, justice, praxis essays and interviews

The Other Journal was founded in 2003 by Chris Keller (a psychotherapist from Seattle, WA) and Brian Munz (a web developer from Philadelphia, PA). Their original vision for The Other Journal was to provide space for Christian graduate students to share their work in a spirit of dialogue and mutual criticism.

As Brian and Chris’s vision for The Other Journal continued to unfold, leading Christian thinkers, practitioners, and creative writers joined The Other Journal community. Today, the journal seeks to fill the gap between popular frill-based magazines and scholarly academic journals by providing a lively space for the discerning reader to experience their faith as culturally relevant. Our goal is to provide readers with provocative, challenging, and insightful Christian writing on current social issues, political events, cultural trends, and pop phenomena.

The team of editors, pastors, web designers, writers, and artists that has become The Other Journal staff community is a vibrant group of people working in a wide range of vocations. Our common commitment to being a progressive, constructive, and charitable Christian voice in contemporary society through our participation The Other Journal is one piece of the larger puzzle of loving God and neighbor and investing our lives in the hope that our world would be further characterized by justice and peace.