Support Israel Through NASCAR (Hey, Starr and Ellis, there’s hope!)


February 13, 2012

This is a real gem.

America/Israel Racing . . . in a Toyota. Truly ecumenical.

To think about what Mr. MacCaull says in the video, did Christians learn that they shouldn’t ‘turn their back on Israel’ after the creation of the State of Israel? It’s a curious phenomenon, right? Anti-Semitic for 2,000 years, but now racing buddies. Did ‘certain’ evangelical Christians undergo a massive conversion in respect to those who do not see Jesus as the Messiah? Or, does it have something to do with buttressing a strategical outpost in the Middle East? Notice, many of these Christians that see the United States as the Church seem to also view the State of Israel as the Temple. Hmm. Curious theology at work. America equals Christianity, Israel equals Judaism and Richard Petty Equals God.

This makes me a little suspicious.

I just want to know what Marc Ellis has to say on the subject. Oh, that’s right. He’s not saying very much these days. Christian President of Baylor University, Ken Starr, is trying to ‘dismiss’ Ellis from his teaching post.

“Hey Ken, haven’t you heard? Christians like Jews now! Jesus, Ken, come on. Ellis is one of the ‘good’ guys. He’s (almost) on our team!”

Now where did I put my copy of On the Road to Armageddon?

Oh, here it is, right beside Chacour’s Blood Brothers.

Makes sense.