“A Faith Not Worth Fighting For” (is coming to get you)


May 18, 2012

The first volume of our three volume set in The Peaceable Kingdom Series is almost ready for release (June 1st, now make sure you check out that link for a suh-weet website).

Below is a short review from the fine people at Publisher’s Weekly (note, this time I refer to them as ‘fine’ as opposed to my previous rant nailing them for their occasional habit of, seemingly, not reading the books they review).

Edited by Tripp York and Justin Bronson Barringer. Cascade, $28 trade paper (256p) ISBN 978-1-61097-499-8

In this anthology of new essays, theologians reply to such challenges to Christian pacifism as what would you do if someone were attacking a loved one, what about Hitler, and didn’t Jesus chase people from the temple with a whip? By countering common objections to the Christian peace witness, the book endeavors to help both pacifists and nonpacifists alike gain a deeper understanding of how a Christian commitment to nonviolence can be enacted and supported. Especially strong essays include “What About War and Violence in the Old Testament?” by Ingrid Lilly (Western Kentucky University) and “Didn’t Jesus Say He Came Not to Bring Peace, but a Sword?” by Samuel Wells (Be Not Afraid), which combines a close reading of the biblical text with a contemporary illustration of the difference between appeasement and a principled peace stance. The essays are, on the whole, varied, lively, and thought provoking. The book includes an introduction by Stanley Hauerwas (War and the American Difference) and an afterword by Shane Claiborne (Irresistible Revolution). (June 1)

The first volume includes contributions from both Justin and myself as well as Amy Laura Hall, Shane Claiborne, Greg Boyd, Lee Camp, Kara Slade, Rosalee Ewell, Gerald Schlabach, John Dear, Stanley Hauerwas, Nelson Kraybill, Inrid Lilly, Andy Alexis-Baker and Sam Wells.

Not too shabby.

The people involved in the second and third volumes are rocking as well, but you’ll you have to visit this LOVELY WEBSITE to learn more about them.

[PS: Right now, it’s about six bucks cheaper if you order it straight from Cascade Books.]