‘A Faith Not Worth Fighting For’ May Be Worth Reviewing


July 14, 2012

In the past two weeks we’ve landed a sweet number of reviews for A Faith Not Worth Fighting For. So, I obviously have to share them with you.

No, seriously, I literally have to share them with you. My publicist told me so. And she plays mean when I don’t listen to her.

Think Judas Cradle’ mean.

"Recant, heretic! (And help us sell some of these crappy books.)"

“Recant, heretic! (And help us sell some of these crappy books.)”

Therefore, with fear and trepidation, I give you the reviews:

1) Kurt Williams’ review at The Pangea Blog.

2) Jonathan Fitzgerald’s review at Patrol Magazine.

3) David Swanson’s review at Signs of Life.

4) Ted Grimsrud’s review at Thinking Pacifism.

5) Chris Grataski’s review at Jesus Radicals.

6) JR Forasteros review at  JR Forasteros.com.

7) Tomy Airey’s review at Menno World (hey, it’s a small one after all!)

8) Zack Hunt’s review (and interview!) at American Jesus.

9) Craig Watt’s review at Disciples Peace Fellowship.

Now, this better start a ping-war.