Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt


December 26, 2012

For my ‘skyping while drinking whiskey book club’, we’re reading Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt. This is posing a major problem for me.

For, you see, whiskey makes me happy. It makes me all huggie, dance-y, and, ‘life is wonderful-ly’ (and, also, a bit sentimental . . . so, no watching The Little Drummer Boy while imbibing).

This book does not compliment that state of being well.

Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt examines those areas known as ‘sacrifice zones.’ Sacrifice zones are specific areas in the U.S. that have been exploited for the sake of profit and technological ‘advance’. It’s an illustrated testament to the inherent bureaucracy of an unfettered ‘free’ market unleashed against humans, non-humans and the earth. It’s what happens when profit becomes the chief telos of humanity. We all become commodities.

If Chris Hedges’s writing doesn’t get you, then Joe Sacco’s artwork will. And this very well may be some of Sacco’s finest.

Damn him.

So, no: this book is not good with booze. I mean, for some of my friends they think booze is required (or, at least, prozac may be necessary). For me, no . . . I must finish it sober.

And that, if nothing else, is one hell of an endorsement.

(Here’s a review from the NY TIMES, if that sort of thing interests you. I don’t have it in me at the moment to say much more about the book other than, ‘read it’. Booze is optional.)