A Soundtrack for the Winners

I’m not sure who won (as this has been posted before the votes have been tallied), but, either way, these two songs are for you:


[Spoken word intro by Noam Chomsky]

Now the real prospects for authentic democracy depend on something else. They depend on how the people in the rich and priveliged societies learn some other lessons. For example the lessons that are being taught right now like the Mayans in Chiapas, Mexico. They are among the most impoverished and oppressed sectors in the continent. But unlike us they retain a vibrant tradition of liberty and democracy. A tradition that we’ve allowed to slip out of our hands or has been stolen from us. And unless people here in the rich and privileged society, unless they can recapture and revitalize that tradition, the prospects for democracy are indeed dim.

Does it seem strange to you? The confetti. The balloons. The mile-wide grins and the victory dance to welcome in the heir to a state of (utter and complete) disrepair? Because it sure seems strange to me: they’re acting like they won the lottery! I mean, shouldn’t they feel terror at the task that lies ahead: to feed and house the people that this system’s left for dead. And could I have hit the nail much harder on the head? It’s profits before lives. They are motivated by greed. First they taught us to depend on their nation-states to mend our tired minds, our broken bones, our bleeding limbs.

But now they’ve sold off all the splints and contracted out the tourniquets and if we jump through hoops then we might just survive. Is this what we deserve? To scrub the palace floors? To fight amongst ourselves? As we scramble for the crumbs they spit out, frothing at the mouth about the scapegoats that they’ve chosen for us. With every racist pointed finger I can hear the goose-steps getting closer. They no longer represent us so is it not our obligation to confront this tyranny?


Four more years of War is Peace, Ignorance is Strengh and Slavery is Freedom. Four more. May all your interventions be “Humanitarian”. Four more years of pay-to-play politics, power and influence. Four more years of legalized bribery and served corporate interests.

So vote for Tweedle-dum or Tweedle-dee and a framework of debate narrowed for you courtesy of the ultra-rich and a media that filters out any voice that challenges their power (like Nader bounced in Boston by State-Troopers because he don’t speak for oil-tycoons and bankers–whose pursuit of happiness and liberty demands a rhetoric of fear to be the litmus test for viable heirs to the phony drug-wars, the trumped-up rogue-states, the permanence of a war-economy).

I feel less hopeful and less human as I’m reduced to nothing more than cheering on embassy bombings as the liars pave their way through four more years…

This is, by far, the greatest photo I have ever seen of them. God bless their beautiful hearts. I love them so much.



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  • uncle_jesse

    But Tripp, Will Ferrell will do anything to get us to vote. How can you argue with that?


    • theamishjihadist

      Uncle Jesse,

      To be sure, Will Ferrell makes, undoubtedly, the best arguments I’ve ever heard for voting.


      • uncle_jesse

        He is very convincing. A little too convincing if you ask me.

  • Dave_the_Zoo_Advocate

    Professor, am I detecting a bit of despair over our wonderful representative political system? Yesterday, our fellow citizens went to the polls without coercion, and through a peaceful voting process, expressed their individual preferences for political leadership over the next four years. What could be better than that in an imperfect world? Congratulations to President Obama for winning the support of 50% of the electorate! Also, congratulations to Governor Romney for winning the support of 48% of the electorate. It appears to me that our electorate agrees on great many things, and therefore, the future for our Republic is bright! For those of us in the loyal minority, our aspirations continue to flourish because in four year’s time we will have another peaceful opportunity to adjust our country’s political vector. God Bless America!!

    Btw, who in their right mind would look to Propagandhi for political inspiration … they ain’t even Americans!! Lee Greenwood is my inspiration http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q65KZIqay4E.

    • theamishjihadist

      They, actually, are Americans. North Americans to be exact.

      Not despair, just reality. Along with those kids I have no faith in any nation-state, or the political ideologies that created them. We only exist the way we exist in the US due to centuries of slave labor, the genocide of Native Americans, 215 years of warring in a 236 year existence (that’s incredible–we are, undoubtedly, the most violent humans to have ever existed), the continued butchering of Central America for clothing, wholesale destruction of animals and our environment to eat fast-food, constant nonsense in the Middle East for oil, and that’s just the system. That’s just the way it is. Kings and Queens. Caesar and his minions. The principalities and powers.

      There’s a reason Lee Greenwood, I mean, Satan, offers Jesus all of the kingdoms of the world–because they are all in his power. =)

      Plus, I would think you would agree with the first few lines in the song ‘State Lottery’. That’s spot-on. Power should be horrified to have try and do what it does. Instead, it’s like someone was just announced homecoming king. Hooray…

      Hey man, I hope you’re living the dream up North. I have to say, I stand in awe of your commitment to this philosophical project known as the modern nation-state. You are a rare breed that, even when your ‘guy’ doesn’t win, you’re still all in. Few people are like that. Indeed, it seems that all the conservative evangelicals are nowhere as consistent as you. I keep hearing, “Oh, I don’t care, Jesus is my only king anyway.” Haha, where’s all these Christian anarchists been the last few months!?

      • JKLovesYouAllxoxoxox

        Dear Mr. Amish: “Haha, where’s all these Christian anarchists been the last few months!?” is the best line yet.

        I’m fascinated with the the (repressed) fact that the representative of the Conservative Christian Right was a Mormon, and the one for the Liberal Left is a Christian. What ideologies manage to completely gloss over that fact? The (Pro-Romney) Southern Baptist Church I grew up in always taught that Mormonism was a cult.

      • Dave_the_Zoo_Advocate

        Please forgive my unthinking ethnocentricity. Of course Propagandhi are Great Americans of the Northern persuasion!
        With respect to your critique of why the U.S. exists, I respectfully disagree. We exist because of the very powerful idea that “We the people” have inalienable rights endowed by our Creator. Your examples of slave labor, genocide of Native Americans, and some wars are certainly accurate and are despicable in every respect. But these things are all outcomes of corrupt and immoral applications of power, and do not undermine the validity of our political philosophy. And, I most certainly do not agree with your unsubstantiated assertion that we are undoubtedly the most violent humans to ever have existed … Romans, Visigoths, Vikings, Greeks, Phoenicians, Moors, Mongols, Japanese, Chinese, Nazis, Soviets, British, French, Germans, Arabs, Persians, etc., were/are waaaaaay more violent than the U.S. OK, OK, we need to define violent, but nevertheless my overarching point is easily validated by historical evidence.
        Bottom line: I’m asserting that our system is as good it gets in terms of individual liberty and freedoms. It is corrupt and immoral politicians who are directly responsible for the atrocities you cite, and it is they who must be held responsible and brought to justice.
        I absolutely agree with the lines in ‘State Lottery’ that you quote. My fear grows larger every day that you are turning me into a punk rocker!
        Thank you for your very kind compliment about my commitment. If I’ve learned anything from Jesus it is that living a principled life, regardless of the consequences, is the pathway to salvation and inner peace. Of course, that means constantly challenging the principles I live by to verify their veracity. Which is why I enjoy and value highly these reasoned discussions of principle with my very favorite and totally brilliant Professor!

  • betterbegood

    Have you seen this? Just saw watched it. Not a fan of Maher, but this is interesting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7XUebtJ_Jw