V-Day Colors

Billions of dollars (literally) spent on mawkish accounts of narcissistic rooted forms of love (thanks, Kierkegaard), while a guy named Valentine earned his ‘purple crown‘ trying to convert an emperor. That saint was nuts. I mean, who tries to convert an emperor? It’s insane.

More insane than purchasing crap goods because our nation-state’s liturgy orders, disciplines, and directs our bodies to do so?

Tough call. Tough call.

Regardless, here’s a St. Valentine’s Day gift for both sides.

Now, buy your lover a book on martyrdom.

(See, I’m owned by the same powers-that-be . . .)

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  • Greg

    Gypsy punk, martyrdom, and insanity. God, this all makes perfect sense.

    • theamishjihadist

      It’s all about making the right connections. It’s what I do.