After Crucifixion: A Keen Book (and interview)

What will probably be remembered as having the greatest reviews ever, After Crucifixion: The Promise of Theology is, unlike much of what I’m sent, a stellar read. Many of the theology books that come my way are either trying to mimic that guy I always confuse with Henry Rollins (‘Peter something or another’) or they are attempting to ‘out’ neo-Anabaptist... Read More

How to Create an ________(hint, it begins with an ‘A’) Part ‘Deus’: An Interview with Peter Boghossian

A few weeks ago I interviewed Jesus Camp’s Becky Fischer. In order to share the love, I recently interviewed atheist Peter Boghossian. How’s that for diversity? (Or, not . . . you be the judge.) Peter recently published a book called, A Manual For Creating Atheists where he takes up the lofty task of passing on valuable skills for how to talk people out of their religious... Read More

I’m Going to Jesus Camp! (And, quite possibly, hell): Five Questions with Becky Fischer

Big week here at The Amish Jihadist. We have with us one very special lady. It’s none other than children’s minister extraordinaire (though yet to make the cover of Rolling Stone), Becky Fischer! I thought about opening with the whole introduction thing, but then I was like, ‘Eh, that’s seems silly. They know who she is.’ (If not, follow this link to... Read More

hawkeye, mad cyclists, and why people like rob bell: an interview with ryan miller

Today, I’m interviewing Ryan Miller, ex-creator of video games such as Myst and Raven (nice) turned pastor (go back to video games, dude) who recently wrote Everything Breathes. While his title is true, I bet he doesn’t know what the Archaeoglobus fulgidus breathes. Do you? Didn’t think so, fool. INTERVIEW WITH RYAN MILLER 1-Just to be clear, you’re not... Read More

That Holy Anarchist

I have such cool friends. I really do. You will, therefore, have to forgive me (literally–just ask Jesus) if in the next few weeks I spend some quality time highlighting their stellar work. From farming to animal liberation to books on the grotesque, I’m going to show you just how awesome I am due to my proximity to other awesome people. It’s a win/win situation. This... Read More

Nine is Better than None (5 Questions with Shawn Peters)

No time for a lofty introduction this week, here’s all you need to know: -Shawn Peters, from Catonsville, MD, is a scholar who has been on PBS, CNN and featured in Time Magazine and The New York Times. He has written the authoritative book on The Catonsville Nine. -Daniel Berrigan, in his early 90′s, is far cooler than you can ever hope to be. Seriously. Far cooler. -Shawn... Read More

A Nude King Takes it By the Bit: Five Questions with Becky Garrison

Becky Garrison may very well be Christianity’s most interesting court jester. What is a 'f@#k'? Kids today, what with their weird lingo and all. And yes, that is a compliment. I like to fancy myself quite the juggler (and I have all kinds of funky hats–striped tights, too), but I have nothing on the writings of one Ms. Becky G. She represents well the ever-growing... Read More

Dracula, Dexter, and Dostoyevsky (Five Questions with W. Scott Poole)

W. Scott Poole, PhD, is Associate Professor of History at the College of Charleston and likes to spend his time researching our fascination with things that go bump (or ‘bomp bah bomp bah bomp’) in the night. Unlike most academicians, Scott’s the kind of guy you actually want to hang out with outside of class. This may or may not have something to do with his awesome... Read More

“Almost Paradise–We’re Knocking on Heaven’s Door” Five Questions with Brook Wilensky-Lanford (Not Loverboy)

Let it be known that I often judge a book by its cover–most definitely by its title. So, when I came across Brook Wilensky-Lanford’s Paradise Lust, I was immediately hooked. “Buy this book!” I shouted to myself. “And, please, please, please, let there be pictures!” Pictures galore (of maps–which, I found quite exciting as Indiana Jones is... Read More

“Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do? Whatcha Gonna Do When Yoder Comes For You?” (Five Questions with Tobias Winright)

Tobias Winright, PhD (University of Notre Dame) is Associate Professor of Theological Ethics at Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri.  He is the coauthor of After the Smoke Clears: The Just War Tradition and Post War Justice as well as the editor of Green Discipleship: Catholic Theological Ethics and the Environment. He is also a former law enforcement officer who was John... Read More