Five Questions with Marc Bekoff

Dr. Marc Bekoff is Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado. He’s written numerous books in his discipline, has been on television many times, and is considered one of the foremost writers in the realm of animal welfare. He was also kind enough to write the foreword for my co-edited book, A Faith Embracing All Creatures (which, automatically, makes it even more awesome-er).  ~ Check Marc out at his blog as well as at his shared... Read More

Animal Crackers

To celebrate the publication of the second volume of The Peaceable Kingdom series (A Faith Embracing All Creatures), for the next few weeks I’ll be randomly posting on animals, Christianity, and why, three times a day, most of my nonviolent friends live lives that are the absolute antithesis of nonviolence. Ya’ flesh-eating, ‘bodies consuming other bodies’ bastards. Hey, I understand. It’s easy to be a Christian nonviolent “practitioner”... Read More