‘A Faith Not Worth Fighting For’ May Be Worth Reviewing

In the past two weeks we’ve landed a sweet number of reviews for A Faith Not Worth Fighting For. So, I obviously have to share them with you. No, seriously, I literally have to share them with you. My publicist told me so. And she plays mean when I don’t listen to her. Think ‘Judas Cradle’ mean. “Recant, heretic! (And help us sell some of these crappy books.)” Therefore, with fear and trepidation, I give you the reviews: 1) Kurt Williams’... Read More

“A Faith Not Worth Fighting For” (is coming to get you)

The first volume of our three volume set in The Peaceable Kingdom Series is almost ready for release (June 1st, now make sure you check out that link for a suh-weet website). Below is a short review from the fine people at Publisher’s Weekly (note, this time I refer to them as ‘fine’ as opposed to my previous rant nailing them for their occasional habit of, seemingly, not reading the books they review). A Faith Not Worth Fighting For: Addressing Commonly Asked... Read More

Ask a Pacifist (I will if I can find one)

As a part of her “Ask A . . . Series”, I was recently interviewed on Rachel Held Evans’ blog. To be honest, I always assumed that if I were ever asked to be a part of the series it would be more along the lines of Ask a Narcissist, or Ask A Mennonite Devil-Seeker, or Ask a Duke Grad How He Feels About Losing in the First Round to a 15 Seed. You know, something along those lines. Alas, it was not to be. Instead, it was for the dreaded “p” word. Pacifism. I... Read More