Back it Up, Yoda’

Nine Amish males were arrested near a town I, interestingly enough, recently fled. In the fine state of Kentucky (your whiskey makes me cry . . . I miss you), these nine punk rawkers said, “Take that, po po!” when the boys in blue demanded (for the sake of safety) that they place orange reflective signs on their buggies. "Hey, number three. Yeah you, number three: don't you eyeball me! And number five: stop looking so agonizingly humble. It's starting... Read More

Amish Gone Wild: Straight from the Teat

In an absolute brilliant use of our tax dollars, the federal government spent an entire year orchestrating a bust  on an Amish milk company for selling unpasteurized milk (and yes, the customers knew they were buying “raw” milk–that was the whole point). Regardless of the FDA’s take on milk pasteurization, the fact that these incredibly competent federal agents had to spend an entire year building a case against a group of people who are not exactly... Read More

Skyrockets in Flight . . . Mennonite Delight!

This is one of the greatest finds to be discovered in the hills of Kentucky. A local convenience store made my world a better place by carrying this lovely packaged brownie. Oh, Mennonite Delight. “Thinking of you is working up my appetite.” (And, yes, it really does say, “It’s all good!”)  Read More

Shrinking gene pool finally pays off…

These ladies strike a most curious pose (without the benefit of Prince) in order to bring the boys back home. Certainly an enticing offer that will end with 90% of Amish men jettisoning the English world for a life of bad beards and even worse haircuts. From left (just a guess): Martha Yoder, Sarah Hostetler, Mary Weaver, Sarah Stoltzfus, Emily Miller, Miriam Yoder (future Mrs. York??!?), Emily Hershberger, Ruth Hostetler, Ruth Yoder, Miriam Stoltzfus, Emily Weaver, and Leroy... Read More