“If the Devil is Six, then God is Seven”

Oh, Frankie boy, you have certainly written your fair share of odd little ditties. That’s why you’re such a genius. The particular song in question (the lyrics referenced in the title of this post are from The Pixies song Monkey Gone to Heaven) reminds me of so much that probably has nothing to do with this song. Apparently, it deals with the “human interaction between the divine and the environment” (both words being so thoroughly vacant that they can... Read More

If Animals Believed in God . . .

First of all, given my Feuerbachian sensibilities, I imagine lions envision a deity that looks like a lion–while, and I’m only guessing, gazelles would be greatly offended by such an idea. You know, at some predestined future moment in or outside of time the “great gazelle in the sky” is going to pass judgment on those cats for their fallen predatorial nature that has caused so much pain and anxiety for the gazelle (and other prey). While, all along, the... Read More

God “Damned” Blackbirds!

Cindy Jacobs, who is known for her incredible supernatural powers of curing demons of lust, poverty, PMS, and homosexuality (check out my upcoming book, The Devil Wears Nada, for more details), is claiming that the blackbird debacle (can we call it a ‘massacre’ instead?) in Arkansas is God’s warning to us for allowing gay people the ‘right’ to kill their enemies (such a privilege, apparently, should be saved only for heterosexual Christians who have... Read More